Yeasted Bread


Alain Fourrier, our French head baker and production manager, has long been devising a recipe for this much-loved French loaf. Created using imported French grey flour, this non-sourdough loaf is crusty and rustic, with a lovely soft and chewy centre. We think it’s a perfect accompaniment for hot soups and stews, or as a base for a juicy steak sandwich.

Old-fashioned White Bread

Bakers flour, butter, yeast, salt, water just as the name suggests, this loaf will bring back memories of loaves purchased in little country bakeries all over the country.

Old Stone Mill Loaf

Stoneground wholemeal flour, bakers flour, butter, yeast salt and water. A unique loaf made from wheat specially grown on the Monastery farm and stone ground in the monk’s own stone mill.


A family favourite with its light texture and crisp crust. Children love it fresh, toasted or made up as a sandwich in their school lunchbox. Ingredients: baker’s flour, salt, yeast, water

Pain de Campagne

A beautifully flavoured bread in the French provincial style which will evoke wonderful memories for anyone who has had the good fortune to travel the backroads of France. It is also available as a baguette. Ingredients: baker’s flour, white sourdough, yeast, salt, water

Multigrain Fruit Bread

A very rich bread, laden with fruit and grains. Simply delicious with a generous smear of butter, it really is a complete breakfast in a slice. Especially good toasted, as the warmth really brings out the ripe, fruit flavours. Ingredients: stoneground wholemeal flour; durum flour; rolled wheat; granary flake; kibbled rye, maize and mung bean; sunflower seeds; crushed walnuts; sultanas; currants; dried apricots; yeast, salt, water, unsalted butter.


A light, chewy texture with a full flavoured crust. The best you can find outside of Italy. Ingredients: baker’s flour, salt, yeast, water

Authentic French Style Baguette

You won’t find a more authentic tasting baguette outside France. The definitive bread for a lunchtime roll filled with fresh ingredients from your favourite deli, or simply delicious when served with a good quality butter. Ingredients: baker’s flour, salt, yeast, water

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