Malaga Bakery (Wholesale only)

Established in 1993, New Norcia Bakeries grew quickly from a one-man operation to a busy, in-demand artisan range, and production needed to expand with demand. The wholesale side of our business moved to Malaga, where more space and equipment gave us the freedom to expand our production and supply, without compromising on the quality of our sourdough bread.

Today, New Norcia Bakeries supplies bread to many of your favourite cafes and restaurants, and you may have seen our loaves popping up in various supermarkets and gourmet stores. Daily production takes place under the watchful eye of Alain Fourrier who, along with his dedicated team of bakers, produce loaf after loaf of delicious sourdough bread, fresh for you and your family every morning.

If you are interested in contacting our Head Office in Malaga for more wholesale information, or you would like to leave some feedback about one of our products, please follow the links on the main page