Authentic Sourdough

Dark Rye Sourdough

A rich and hearty traditional rye with great depth of flavour. Fantastic served with smoked salmon, creme fraiche and dill as an open sandwich or hors d’oeuvre. Ingredients: baker’s flour, rye flour, rye meal, rye culture, salt, water

Wholemeal Sourdough

Full-flavoured and robust with a dark crust that tastes of toasted wheat flakes. A delicious accompaniment to freshly-shucked oysters and a wonderful bread for sandwiches, either fresh or toasted. Ingredients: wholemeal flour, salt, wholemeal culture, water

Sourdough Fruit Bread

Generously fruit-laden with the gentle sweetness of honey balanced by the fragrant spiciness of cinnamon. Fresh or toasted, this is a perennial breakfast favourite: slice it thickly and serve with unsalted butter. Ingredients: baker’s flour; dried figs, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, prunes; honey, cinnamon, white culture, salt, water.

San Franciscan Style Sourdough

White bread, San Franciscan style: full flavoured and savoury, just a hint of sourness. Enjoy it fresh or toasted, with continental meats or vintage cheddar cheese. It is also an excellent bread for sandwiches Ingredients: baker’s flour, wholemeal culture, salt, water

Raisin and Walnut Sourdough

A fruit and nut loaf ideally eaten fresh with butter or soft cheeses.  Ingredients baker's flour, salt, water, raisins, walnuts, wholemeal culture, egg

100% Organic Sourdough

A beautiful, nutty flavoured bread made from certified 100% organic ingredients. A favourite breakfast treat at our Mount Hawthorn cafe, served either fresh or toasted with organic jam. Ingredients: organic baker’s flour, organic wholemeal flour, organic sourdough culture, sea salt, filtered water

Olive Sourdough

A rich crust on a wonderful, olive-flavoured dough makes this the ideal bread to serve with all types of mediterranean food. It is especially good with char-grilled meats or continental sausages. Ingredients: baker’s flour, wholemeal culture, kalamata olives, salt, water

Light Rye Sourdough

Lighter than traditional rye breads, but tasty and full-flavoured. The lightness results from its 30% rye content - sufficient to impart a characteristic rye flavour without the bread being overly dense. Ingredients: baker’s flour, rye flour, rye culture, salt, water

Fig and Fennel Sourdough

With its distinctive aniseed flavour underlaid by fig, this bread is delicious fresh or toasted with a smear of butter. You will also find it a perfect match for soft Australian blue cheeses. Ingredients: baker’s flour, dried figs, fennel seeds, egg, white culture , salt, water

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